Egyptian Goddess is Back! 

- The Return of The Goddess -

To all of the ones who have been wearing Egyptian Goddess since the early days of Auric Blends and to the ones who have found us along the way. To many it’s a signature fragrance and to some it is your best-kept secret scent… It's unforgettable and we know it has changed your life in some way.
The journey of a Goddess is not straightforward and is always a process of evolution, adaptation and knowing where she came from. Being a small family business we mix in small batches ever striving to hit our mark of quality to insure the best product for our customers. The Egyptian Goddess scent is one that coalesces with the individual and changes as it warms on the skin. 
Here at Auric Blends we have received your feedback, our dedicated team and family members have been working hard with the Goddess. Staying true to our simple practices and original recipes, we are bringing you the Egyptian Goddess as she was and as she is.
The Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess line is available on our website and in stores soon.
Stay tuned!
Auric Blends