Himalayan Salt Lamp

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4-5 in. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp (3-5 lb)

Himalayan salt lamps are created from Himalayan crystal salt mined from below the earth’s surface. These lamps contain 84 minerals and trace elements. One of the most popular salt lamps made by Linnea Brands, this soothing lamp is ideal for any personal space including your den, office, or bedroom. These high quality Himalayan Salt Lamps come complete with a rosewood base, stainless steel screws, UL listed cord with a convenient On/Off toggle switch, and a replacement bulb.

Upgrade to a super long lasting LED bulb and enjoy an estimated energy cost of just $0.13 per year! 

How do they work?

"In a process called ionization, the heat produced by an external light source breaks down the sodium chloride of the Himalayan salt - which is then released into the surrounding air. These negative ions, in turn help to offset and eliminate the positive ions created by electromagnetic fields emanating from computers, refrigerators, televisions, and more - making the air clean"


Height: 4-5 ln.

Weight: 3-5 lbs.
Great for : 64 sq. ft.