Egyptian Goddess - Behind the Brand

Posted by Seasun Homm on

The Inventor

Randy Graves, the founder of Auric Blends, developed the Egyptian Goddess fragrance over 23 years ago. With a nose for artful fragrance design, he developed this perfume for the woman who appreciates her own style and beauty. It is a sexy, subtle fragrance for the woman who is playful, free spirited and sensual.

The Name

Women in Ancient Egypt valued perfume as much as we do today. Fragrance created an appeal and fascination that made daily life more pleasurable. Being considered by many the birthplace of the perfume industry, it is only natural to pay homage to the history by bringing the name of Egypt into our perfume.

The Future

In 2006 Auric Blends brought you added value with the release of our Large (1.87 oz) Egyptian Goddess bottles. Since then we've released several successful companion products, the Egyptian Goddess Spray Perfume, Glycerin Soap, and Body Lotion. The success of these line extensions has encouraged us to continue developing new and exciting ways to experience Auric Blends. Our perfume oil roll-ons continue to amaze and inspire new fans every day.